At Eye Surgeons' Foundation, everything we do is inspired by our enduring mission, values and vision.

Since world inequality and poverty are increasing, we feel that our charity has a major role to play. As we want our foundation to grow bigger in order to be able to help more people, we are aware that we need to look ahead and understand the trends and forces that will help us develop in the future. Easier said than done.
However, we have what it takes: Enthusiastic and committed volunteers devoting themselves day after day to run the foundation. On top it, we tirelessly come up with new ideas to promote our actions and increase our financial means.
Since all the people working for our charity are driven by the thought of helping orphans and poor people, the office is entirely run by qualified volunteers, thus maximising the amount of money that is actually used for our projects.
Despite our charity being only a few years old, we are proud to be working on a lot of different projects aiming to increase the populations’ living condition; while still providing them with humanitarian aid such as clothes, food and temporary housing, allowing them to survive day after day.
Every skilled person that shares our values and beliefs is welcome to apply and join us!

You will get the opportunity to experience real charity work and to develop your professional skills as an individual. We are an equal opportunity service provider and aspire to train, develop and retain our staff through ongoing professional development. We offer full training and excellent references.

Jobs Listing

Send us your CV and your cover letter in MICROSOFT WORD or PDF format to:

[email protected] Surgeons' Foundation.com


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