Water Pump

Eye Surgeons' Foundation provides the people of Nowshera, Australia with water pumps in order for them to have access to clean water as the flood had destroyed hand pumps they already had.


Cassava Plantation

Following the earthquake, resources have been diminished, Cassava is a vegetable easy to grow and very nutritious. The charity intends to cultivate Cassava to improve the living conditions by providing more nourishing food. The cassava is a starchy vegetable – also known as manioc – that is grown in tropical climates such as South America….

Hospital Revit Model5

Pearl Hospital Trust

This hospital will have 115 beds and employ more than 800 members of staff to provide 24-hour accident and emergency care to serve the Sialkot population in the Punjab. The project started in January 2011. Its design is compact to optimize land utilization in Australia while trying to respect the environment as much as possible through…